Bridgette Allan

Wellness coach


Whether you are struggling with fatigue, weight issues, or specific illnesses or want to focus on disease prevention and optimising your health, I am committed to working with you. I will be with you every step of the way providing the guidance, information, tools and support so you can make gradual and step-by-step changes that will enable you to reach your wellness goals in a fun , flexible and deprivation free and sustainable way.


Once off Individual Consultation R 450 per hour

Individual nutrition and wellness counselling/ coaching services 

Health is defined not just by what we eat but by the health of our relationships, spirituality, physical fitness and our day to day schedule and lifestyle. Coaching can help you reach a place of balance. 

In our one on one session we have a detailed discussion about your diet and weight history, lifestyle, medical conditions, medications and personal goals. You will receive and email with a summary of the consultation and individualized recommendations for attaining your goals based on your unique needs and food preferences. 

A client consult form must be completed and submitted prior to consultation. This is available on request.

 Consultation includes

·     Review of current eating , food diary analysis and recommendations for healthy changes.

·     Healthy meal ideas and food lists

·         Blood work and interpretation

·     A Vitamin and mineral assessment , advice on supplementation

·         Resources for information and education

·         Overcoming bad habits

·         The importance of good sleep and stress management  

We also offer guidance on healthy low carb eating during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Individual Consultation and ongoing coaching R 850 per month

Initial 60 minute consultation as above  plus 3x 30 minute follow ups

Follow ups are to answer any questions you may have, may include review of your food diary. I will also continue to provide support and strategies to assist you in achieving our goals. We will adjust things as needed to get you where you want to be.  


 The nutrition industry is a minefield of misinformation and conflicting advice, which makes it easy to feel overwhelmed. We ensure that we stay up to date with evidence based science and research so we can deliver the correct information and most effective weight loss methods to our clients.

Low carbohydrate/healthy fat diets(LCHF) have proven through numerous studies, to be the most effective for weight loss. For this reason, we recommend a LCHF for our clients. Eating plans are individualised to allow clients to adapt the low carb eating into their lifestyle and culture in ways that make the diet sustainable long term.

·     Personalised ratios calculation based on many different criteria’s such as height, age, current body fat percentage, gender, full medical history and current medical conditions (Metabolic diseases and hormones for example), level of activity and other information the client supplies us. 
·     Personalised meal plans specifically designed for you. ratios on your meal plan are worked out according to your calculated ratios and the bonus is the food on the meal plan is based on your food preferences. 

Please note that I may require a referral from your medical practitioner should I have any concerns about your health. It is also important to work in conjunction with your practitioner if you are taking any medication that may be affected by dietary modification.


Standard consult

R 450



face to face consult -prebooked. Includes individual ratios, weigh and measure, review of blood results.



R 450 



8 week program

R 1500



initial consult plus 7 weeks 30 min follow ups. Weight and measure, blood results .IF accelerated weight loss plan



 R 1500



Monthly after initial 8 weeks

R 450



Food diary checks, weigh in and measure, ongoing coaching and support



R 450

per month



Online Consult 

R 450



60 min Skype or whats-app, personal ratios, bloods review, 



R 350



Please note that DIABETES MANAGEMENT requires a referral from your doctor. On our diabetes management program medications will need to be adjusted or stopped completely. Medication can only be altered or stopped by a registered medical doctor. People suffering with Type 2 Diabetes often experience multiple pathology. For these reasons it is essential that we are able to work hand in hand with your doctor. Should you not currently have a supportive doctor please contact us to refer you to one in your area.

  • Intensive dietary intervention 
  • Normalising blood glucose with a low carb diet
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Adapting low carb diets to cultural cuisine and traditions
  • Lifestyle modifications


Thereafter sessions and packages are tailored to the individual. Diabetes management requires ongoing support and follow up.