Bridgette Allan

Wellness coach


Whether you are struggling with fatigue, weight issues, or specific illnesses or want to focus on disease prevention and optimising your health, I am committed to working with you. I will be with you every step of the way providing the guidance, information, tools and support so you can make gradual and step-by-step changes that will enable you to reach your wellness goals in a fun , flexible and deprivation free and sustainable way.


Once off Individual Consultation R 350 per hour

Individual nutrition and wellness counselling/ coaching services 

Health is defined not just by what we eat but by the health of our relationships, spirituality, physical fitness and our day to day schedule and lifestyle. Coaching can help you reach a place of balance. 

In our one on one session we have a detailed discussion about your diet and weight history, lifestyle, medical conditions, medications and personal goals. You will receive and email with a summary of the consultation and individualized recommendations for attaining your goals based on your unique needs and food preferences.

A client consult form must be completed and submitted prior to consultation. This is available on request.

 Consultation includes

·         Review of current eating , food diary analysis and recommendations for healthy changes.

·         Healthy meal ideas and food lists

·         Blood work and interpretation

·         A Vitamin and mineral assessment , advice on supplementation

·         Resources for information and education

·         Overcoming bad habits

·         The importance of good sleep and stress management  

Individual Consultation and ongoing coaching R 650 per month

Initial 60 minute consultation as above  plus 3x 30 minute follow ups

Follow ups are to answer any questions you may have, may include review of your food diary. I will also continue to provide support and strategies to assist you in achieving our goals. We will adjust things as needed to get you where you want to be.  

Please note that I may require a referral from your medical practitioner should I have any concerns about your health. It is also important to work in conjunction with your practitioner if you are taking any medication that may be affected by dietary modification.                


Slender Slim 4 U is a new generation of slimming clinics that are specialists in the field of Low Carb and healthy High fats.

The group’s heads are consistently up to date with research and studies all over the world ensuring that they provide the clinics with the most up to date data, evidence and news in order for the clinics to pass the information on to their clients.

The nutrition industry is a minefield of misinformation and conflicting advice, which makes it easy to feel overwhelmed .This is why Slender Slim 4 U brings you the old traditional form of a slimming clinic mixed together with the most up to date info. Old way of weigh in and support with up to date nutritional advice.Slender Slim 4 U is a new generation of slimming clinics that specialize in the field of Low Carb and healthy high fat eating.

·         The individual is important. We take your medical history into account along with your weight loss targets and goals.

·         Personalized ratios calculation based on many different criteria’s such as height, age, current body fat percentage, gender, medical history and current medical conditions (Metabolic diseases and hormones for example), level of activity and other information the client supplies us.   

·         Personalized meal plans specifically designed for you. ratios on your meal plan are worked out according to your calculated ratios and the bonus is the food on the meal plan is based on your food preferences. 



Research has shown that is it easier to stick with a healthy eating or weight loss plan when we share and work together.

There are many people who battle to grasp the concept of Banting as well as those who find it difficult to improve their eating without guidance and support. If you are experiencing challenges in regaining your health or losing weight on your own, a group might be the very thing that gets you unstuck and helps you reach your goals. 

Having joined forces with the Real Meal Revolution and the Noakes Foundation I can now offer weekly group support for those who would like to lose weight or improve their health with Banting.

Besides benefiting from individual wellness coaching when you sign up, you gain access to the Real Meal Revolution website and its massive knowledge base.

Chose a group that best fits your health needs.

ALL groups include:


·         Video lectures by Prof Tim Noakes and international low carb experts.

·         Be inspired to cook delicious healthy food when you watch Jonno Proudfoot’s step by step            cooking videos

·         Effortless meal planning with weekly meal plans

·         Stay on track with the Real Meal Revolution online tools such as meal tracker, carb counter, weight tracker and shopping list generator.

·         Access to an exclusive online community through a closed Facebook group allowing you to interact with fellow group members

·         Anytime online support from a Certified Banting Coach. 


Online groups are perfect for busy Banters with erratic schedules who find it difficult to find time to attend regular meetings. 

With an online group you will have full access to the Beginner Banting course which includes fabulous recipes, meal plans and of course inspiring cooking demos by Jonno.

You will also have the option of joining a Facebook group exclusive to my group members and participate in a weekly Q & A session known as “The HOT seat,” in which I will field questions.

For more information on the online group please click this link


Contrary to what many people believe, well-being isn’t just about being slim or happy and it’s certainly not limited to physical health and wellness.

 In fact, focusing on any of these elements in isolation may drive us to frustration and even a sense of failure. Whatever your goals, if you are wanting to optimise your health by following a low carb lifestyle while addressing other factors that might be affecting your health , this is the group for you. 

To Join our Stanger group CLICK HERE

To Join our Ballito group CLICK HERE





Fun needs to be an integral part of weight loss. Whether that is fun in food preparation, fun in eating, fun in being able to integrate a healthy diet into the family and social lifestyle. Unless something is fun it is unlikely to become sustainable

With Banting, weight loss becomes fun. Find out how to lose weight and regain your health, overcome carb and sugar cravings and reduce hunger while indulging in delicious meals you thought were harmful! 

To find out more about this group click HERE

It is widely accepted that type 2 diabetes is a lifelong, irreversible illness. However, just because something is widely accepted does not mean that it is correct. Type 2 diabetes is a DIETARY disease that is preventable and largely reversible. 

If you wish to experience remission from Type 2 diabetes, pre diabetes or insulin resistance and have the benefit and the guidance of a supportive health care professional and diabetes coach, this group is for you. 

To find out more about this group click  HERE 

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