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Dance to the beat of your own drum.

Because mobility was so restricted after my ankle surgery last year, I found myself watching way more TV than I usually do. On a day I was flicking through the channels to see if there was anything worth watching when I chanced upon a program titled ” My 600lb life” on TLC.
I was riveted to the program, partly because I could not believe what I was seeing and partly because I had lately felt that I was sliding down the same desperate slope. 

Of course I was/ am nowhere near 600lbs but like the men and women on the show, I was feeling overwhelmed and out of control.

There is a saying “desperation is the raw material of drastic change.” For many, it certainly is and eventually for myself, hitting a big low was the trigger to pick myself up, dust off the bullshit and move forward. 

For many others however, desperation leads to grasping at straws, grabbing at any and every possible solution that is offered and drowning themselves in the opinions and noise of too many others. 

I hear this story so often with my clients and see it frequently on social media groups. People jump on to every possible weight loss Facebook group, follow every weight loss “expert” or latch onto anybody and everybody who has lost a significant amount of weight trying desperately to emulate their eating plan in the hope that they too will experience the same weight loss success. 

Too many “experts” claim to have the perfect recipe and forcefully push their agendas. “Don’t eat vegetable.” “Eat fermented food.” “Eat three meals a day!” ” Don’t eat more than once a day.” “Practice fasting.” “Don’t fast.” “Cut out dairy.” “Up your fat.” (that one really irritates me.) And so it goes on, the noise eventually completely drowning out the rhythm of their own drums.

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At the time I started picking up weight, I had a lot going on, as I wrote in my previous blog. Instead of becoming introspective, I looked for answers in other peoples suggestions.  I cut down further on carb and increased protein intake. I went back to eating 3 meals a day with disastrous results, because that’s what is allegedly good for women in menopause.

Fortunately the Christmas break took me away from the online lunacy and I could hear my own tune!

I am going to discuss my eating plan and lifestyle on my blog but PLEASE people of the palace, let me be VERY clear here: I am not advocating what I do as a recipe for success for the rest of you. We are INDIVIDUALS. There are many MANY factors that should be taken into account when creating an eating program. Age, sex, fat mass, muscle mass, activity levels, carb tolerance, degree of insulin resistance, medical history, dieting history, stress, sleep patterns, home and work life, day to day habits, addictions …….. do you start to see why a generic diet plan or random suggestion pulled off social media is not working for you?

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Before we are able to fix a problem, we need to identify the fault. So where had I gone wrong? Some of you may recognise these points in your own life.

* Lack of planning. When my days became too busy and stressful I eliminated my time to plan as a time saver.

* Doing what previously did not work for me. e.g Eating 3 meals a day is, for me, a disaster. I am generally not hungry in the morning and if I do eat breakfast, its sets the tone for the day - eat, eat , eat ! I find no matter what I eat, I am hungry within 2 hrs of eating breakfast and not only can I hardly wait for lunch, I am tempted to snack between meals too. 

* Not reducing my intake when I became sedentary. YES - it’s not just about eating low carb- if you eat more food than your body needs, it is going to be stored. 

* Ignoring that if your body is already high fat, all you really need is the low carb ! Dietary fat is stored people - way too many of you still think you can eat as much dietary fat as you like. One of our local butchers sells some really succulent fatty lamb ribs. (perhaps I should rephrase that- some succulent REALLY fatty lamb ribs,) and I was making a habit of having a couple for lunch.

* Lack of sleep - okay this one was a little out of my control because the pain of my injury, anesthetic and strong post op analgesia really messed with my sleep patterns.

* Listening to too many other opinions! I have since left many Facebook groups and stopped following people who are forceful with their own agendas.

* Not taking “me time” and neglecting activities that nurture me.

One week into 2018 and things are looking up. On my next post I will share with you the changes I have made and the positive results I am seeing.

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