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Bad medicine - over servicing

Over- servicing 

In the last couple of days we’ve seen a couple of breaking news stories on over servicing in the medical industry the largest of which is possibly THIS story on coronary stents - a massive multibillion dollar market. The question being asked is “are millions of people world wide receiving stents with no benefit.” According to Dr Aseem Malhotra, cardiologist and consultant to the NHS in London “Stenting a narrowed artery does not prevent heart attacks, strokes, or does it prolong life in people with angina. If they are told otherwise, it’s simply untrue for the vast majority of people.”

Over servicing is not unique to any one field in medicine. It’s common across the board and a fairly easy practice to get away with unless the patient is wise to what’s being done. It’s an absolute abuse of patient trust and often a violation of their physical, emotional and psychological selves. 

 Some years back I knew a gynaecologist who was routinely sending his patients to theater for removal of their intrauterine devices(IUD) under general anaesthetic. Now removal of an IUD is usually a straight forward and easy procedure that can be done in the doctors rooms during a routine examination.
It was only when the ladies, who lived in a smallish town, started chatting among themselves that they discovered they were all sent for the same procedure. The doctor claimed that the strings that normally protrude from the cervix, could not be felt or visualised on examination and removal would require a hospital visit. Many of the ladies were puzzled by this as it’s routine to teach women how to check that the device is still in place and they had not trouble feeling the strings themselves. This diabolical behaviour continued until one lady, shocked and doubtful, went home to check on the stings of her device. Lo and behold ! The strings were easily felt and she removed the device herself with no difficulty. She didn’t let the matter drop. She called his rooms , reported the matter to his office staff, confronted him and them reported him. 

Unfortunately many cases of over servicing, like this one, are hard to prove. Most doctors who are found out get caught because the medical aid sees a pattern and investigates. It’s rare that a patient themselves is savvy enough to detect over servicing but some do.

video talk Dr Aseem Malhotra

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