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Over- servicing 

In the last couple of days we’ve seen a couple of breaking news stories on over servicing in the medical industry the largest of which is possibly THIS story on coronary stents - a massive multibillion dollar market. [Read More…]

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scared.jpgTowards the end of last year I had to undergo surgery to repair torn tendons in my ankle. [Read More…]

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Because mobility was so restricted after my ankle surgery last year, I found myself watching way more TV than I usually do. [Read More…]

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fitbit.jpgThis morning I posted a photo of my new companion on Facebook with the caption “my new best friend ‘cos after the holidays I’m fat AF” (my young nephew tells me AF means “extremely”.)

 To which a well meaning Facebook friend replied that I should “just start Banting.” “Start by cutting out all sugar, all grains. [Read More…]

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baby-eating1.jpgLast month I had the pleasure of attending a seminar for nurses in private practice and although the day was generally very enjoyable and the majority of lectures informative and interesting I knew from the outset that something was going going to grate my nerves because one of the event sponsors was NESTLE . [Read More…]