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Sugar for babies - how industry justifies the junk.

baby-eating1.jpgLast month I had the pleasure of attending a seminar for nurses in private practice and although the day was generally very enjoyable and the majority of lectures informative and interesting I knew from the outset that something was going going to grate my nerves because one of the event sponsors was NESTLE . [Read More…]

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Misdiagnosed and mismanaged. Reversing T2 diabetes. A patient profile

patient profile T2DM.jpgI first consulted with *Nadya, a young lady in her early 20’s, in March 2017 when she was referred to me by a GP who she had consulted for the first time for treatment for ingrown toenails. 

Nadya is a non medical aid (medical insurance) patient meaning that she either has to pay cash for consultations with private practitioners or she can visit local state clinics and hospitals. [Read More…]

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How to begin a Low carb lifestyle

tips2.gifBefore you begin a low carb lifestyle there are a few important points that will help you transition into the lifestyle more easily. [Read More…]

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